GB Havering Kids and Adults shine at local competion

On Sunday 25th September a squad of GB Havering competitors competed in the Southend Open.   To say the competition was fierce is an understatement but our team shined through winning a number of medals.

Stand out performances on the day.

  • Max Kallmeier: – Two fights, two wins via submission to earn gold in the juvenile 16-17 years white belt division.  Max was a very cool customer in his fights displaying a very technical Jiu Jitsu style.  His dedication to the sport really shined earning him top spot on the podium.
  • John Woodman:  John is now a seasoned competitor, in just under two years of training he has nearly 30 submission victories under his belt in competition.  John fought two fights winning both by submission and earning gold.  John fights on the Tuff invitational show on Saturday 19th November, held at the circus tavern.  The fight promoters have been very impressed with Johns fights and invited him to fight 10th planet standout Sean Harper.   Everyone is welcome to attend this event.  Ask David/John for details.
  • Christian Stanley: –    Christian is a competitor in our kids program and fought in the 7-9 years division.   The atmosphere from the crowd was electric as Christian racked up 38 points against a very tough opponent in the finals earning him gold.  A truly epic performance which made him and his team very proud.
  • Alfie Harman: –   Alfie has been training at GB Havering for only a couple of months.  He fought in a two man division where he and his appointment fought in a best of 3 round robin.  Alfie lost the first match to a very close decision on points proving that his opponent was very keen for the gold.  In their second fight Alfie won decisively on points meaning they would fight again for the gold.  In the final Alfie racked up lots of points giving him a clear lead in the fight.  After being reset Alfie submitted his opponent with 2 seconds of the round left to spare.  The submission victory earned him a gold medal which is outstanding for his first competition with such a limited amount of training.  His appointment was a 4 stripe white belt from local Romford team.
  • William Irons:  William Irons is 7 years old and fought in the same division as team mate Christian Stanley.   William fought the finalist that would go on to face his fellow team mate in the first match of the category.  William started very strong racking up the points giving him a clear lead. He got caught with a rear naked choke very close to the closing seconds of the fight. Despite the loss lots of the spectators approached me to congratulate us on Wills performance.  He showed true warrior spirit and eventually went on to win his next fight earning him bronze in the category.

Well done to everyone that stepped up on the day.  Win or lose you will always learn from the experience of competition.




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