End of Year Awards | Grading ceremonies | Team photos

You are invited to attend the annual end of year grading and awards night at Gracie Barra Havering.

Date: Tuesday 12th December 2017

Kids arrive at 6pm as normal for games and demos followed by a team photo (adults and kids) at 7pm
Adults to arrive at 6:50pm ready for team photo at 7pm.

The night will consist of:

Instructors Favourite techniques
Team photo’s
Grading ceremonies
Awards /trophies/ certificates

Please join us in celebrating another fantastic year for GB Havering and its students.

Other news and information on GB Havering

PARKING:- If you are driving to the club please avoid parking inside the college carpark as this is separate to the hall space and tends to get locked by the college caretakers without warning. Instead please park outside the community centre making sure to park as close to the building as possible to utilise space.

WAITING LIST FOR KIDS CLASSES: You all may have noticed that our children’s classes have become very busy and are close to full capacity. A waiting list will soon be generated so if you are wanting to sign up extra children please let us know ASAP.

CHILD SAFETY: During the children’s classes we very much encourage at least one parents presents at all times. Particularly if you have children below the age of 12 years old. This is to help us maintain proper supervision during bathroom breaks and to aid support if needed if a child is injured during practise. If this is not possible please make the instructors aware that you are leaving the premises during the class. Please only step onto the mats when you are called over by a coach. This is normally very rare as most situations will be dealt with by the coaches.

COACHING CHILDREN: Please leave the coaching to the coaches and avoid calling out instructions to your children during the class.

NOISE CONTROL:- We encourage spectators during our classes as we feel an audience generates a good atmosphere and work ethic. However please bear in mind that if you are talking loudly this can disrupt the class. It also becomes a health and safety issue when the children can’t hear our commands over loud talking around the mat. Similarly if you are a student entering the hall early before the adult class please be respectful and quiet whilst the children’s class is in progress.
We are still looking for more junior squad coaches. It’s a very rewarding role with the added benefit of seeing the younger generation develop their skills. If you would like to get involved and are a blue belt or above, then please contact me for more information.


If you are interested in taking your Jiu Jitsu to the next Level through private tuition you now can. David offers private classes on a one to one basis or small groups. These are taken at his purpose built home Dojo in Upminster. Please visit https://www.bjjhavering.co.uk/private-tuition/ for more information.


We are now stocking new GB Havering Gis and NOGI rash Guards in all sizes and colours. If you are interested please email your reply.

See you on the mats

GB Team

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