At Gracie Barra Havering we focus on core techniques that every Jiu Jitsu practitioner should know.  Focusing on both the self defence and sport aspect of Jiu Jitsu.  Our classes are great for ensuring that each new student gets a high quality introduction into Jiu Jitsu while allowing for more advanced students to perfect the basics and more advanced techniques.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Classes

Our BJJ classes are ideal for everyone regardless of age or skill level.  The phrase drill to win is our moto, in this class you will have the opportunity to focus on technique and Jiu Jitsu philosophy, as well as live sparing and rolling with other students.  Generally new students will not participate in live rolling or sparring until they have completed a month of training techniques.  Similarly if you wish to sit out of the sparring for a longer period of time or indefinitely that is fine to. Our BJJ classes have adopted a laid back Brazilian atmosphere unlike many traditional martial arts classes today, this combined with a brotherhood mentally makes for a very welcoming and friendly environment.

A Gi/Kimono is warn during these classes which can be purchased from us, please ask David for details.

Competition Training

Our competition program is perfect for the competitive athlete that is looking to take his or her game to the next level. This class focuses on Jiu Jitsu as a sport and is geared toward getting our competitors ready for tournaments. It features hands on coaching that will help each student find and develop his or her personal Jiu Jitsu style. This class will also feature hard drilling, competitive sparring, and conditioning. Although the class is designed for competitors it is not exclusive.

No Gi training

In this class you will learn technical no gi submission wrestling without the Kimono/Gi.  We focus on sport submission wrestling, self defence and MMA application techniques.  Both adults and children have the oppertunity to train with and without the kimono at Grace Barra Havering which is vital for progression towards the Black Belt.